Economic Sustainability is about ensuring organisations are "built to last" and are able to function efficiently over a long period of time.  We are able to work with Business Owners and Executive teams to maximise revenue opportunities over a wide range of industries. At Sustainable Directions we place a high emphasis on ensuring organisations strive to be profitable. We believe there is no good becoming the greenest company in the world if it sends you broke at the same time. All our senior consultants have private sector business experience and understand the importance of preparing a business case for any investment. As a result we fully appreciate that there needs to be a business case for “going green” – taking into account the tangible and intangible benefits that can accrue from adopting business sustainability.

The Benefits of Going Green

iStock_000000425235XSmallOne common myth in the business community is that adopting sustainable practices or going green, comes at a cost. In fact many organisations find the opposite is true. There are many good business reasons for adopting sustainable practices including the following:


Win Government Tenders

istock_000006414013xsmallGovernment departments, councils, listed companies and most large construction projects now have a requirement in tenders for potential suppliers and contractors to provide evidence of environmental policies and demonstrate strategies that minimise their environmental impact. 


Did you know?

iStock_000003018020XSmallOperating office equipment can cost much more than the equipment cost in the first place. A photocopier that costs $4,000 to buy, that is left on continuously for seven years over its lifespan of two-million copies, may consume $1,500 of electricity, $24,000 of paper and $15,000 of toner.


Case Study: Du Pont

Du_PontDu Pont is an excellent example of an organisation that transformed from a frequent polluter to a best practice sustainable manufacturer and at the same time made huge improvements to their bottom line.


Lean and Green

think greenThere are number of traditional business tools and principles that can be used to assist business operators alleviate waste in order to create efficiency, reduce operating costs and minimise carbon emissions.  One business strategy tool that is currently being re-invented is Lean. The origins of Lean can be traced back to Toyota and is now used by manufacturing companies globally as a tool to reduce waste and create operating efficiencies.


What is Sustainability?

"A sustainable business recognises the parallel between environmental, community and economic impacts". Source: Dr Konrad Saur, Five Winds International (Germany)