Risk Management

We work with schools, child care centres, office based organisations and small business owners to develop strategies to measure and manage business risks.

This includes a review of both operational and strategic risks in order to highlight areas that may need improvement.

Minimising risks generally entails the introduction of a Work Health Safety (WHS) Management System to ensure that steps are in place to protect the health and safety of staff, customers and other key stakeholders such as contractors and volunteers. 

Internal risk workshops

We can perform workshops at your premises for new staff induction or refresher training for existing staff. The range of training material that can be covered include:

  • Conducting risk assessments
  • Correct lifting and carrying techniques
  • Ladder safety
  • Confined spaces
  • Office safety
  • Ergonomics

We can also assess new and existing staff on their "Competency to Operate" high-risk equipment.

WHS Management System

We can develop a Work Health Safety (WHS) Management System to help you meet your WHS Act (2011) legislative requirements. This will include the development of:

  • A WHS Commitment Statement
  • Terms of Reference for a WHS Committee
  • WHS Responsibility Statements
  • Safety Checklists
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Hazard Reporting and Action Registers
  • Accident/Incident forms and reports
  • WHS key performance indicators

Operational Risk Reviews

We can work closely with you to develop risk assessments on your main everyday business activities.

For schools and child care centres this includes excursions/trips and camps as well as in-house activities.

Using a classic risk grade index we can calculate raw risk scores (before the controls), document controls and then calculate a risk score after controls are taken into account.

The risk score will take into account the chances of an adverse event occurring and the consequences of such an event occurring. 


Corporate Risk Register

We can develop a Corporate Risk Register for the major strategic issues that may threaten the very existence of your business. Once again we will calculate a raw score based by taking into account the likelihood of the risk eventuating and the consequence to your business in a worst case scenario with no controls in place.

We will then help you develop and document the controls that you may have or plan to have in place in order to minimise each high level risk. We will then reassess each corporate risk after considering the controls. This will allow you to focus on the highest scoring risks in order to protect the future of your organisation.