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Small Green Steps - UK


Small GREEN Steps UK is an online sustainability membership program developed specifically for early childhood services across the United Kingdom.  The 40-step program was launched in early 2017, initially targeting early learning centres in Glasgow, Scotland. The UK program is managed and distributed by Mr. Peter Divers.

Visit the Small GREEN Steps UK website here.



Small GREEN Steps - Business


Small GREEN Steps for BUSINESS will be launched in the second half of 2017 and will be aimed at helping small business organisations adopt sustainable practices. The 40-step program will be delivered as an online program with optional workshops delivered by a network of selected sustainability agents across Australia.



Online Courses - Educators


Several on-line short sustainability courses have been developed by Sustainable Directions and are available in a partnership with Australian childcare training specialists IN SAFE HANDS.


The courses should take around 2 hours to complete and qualify for Professional Development. Certificates are issued to participants in their own name. The courses are consistent with the information contained in the Small Green Steps program and can be undertaken individually by Educators, Trainee Educators or anyone working in the childcare sector.


The online short courses for Educators are:


  1. Sustainability for Educators
  2. Energy Efficiency
  3. Plastic Pollution
  4. Supporting Children in Sustainability
  5. Advanced Sustainability for Educators 


CONTACT US for more information.


Small SAFE Steps - Childcare


Small SAFE Steps is an online safety membership program developed specifically for early childhood services across Australia.  The 40-step program is completed by the Centre as a group and has been designed to provide childcare centres with all they need to embed WHS practices and meet the National Quality Framework safety objectives. Visit the Small SAFE Steps website here.