We are the owners and developers of the Small SAFE Steps program. This program was developed after feedback from childcare centres, seeking a program that would help them meet their safety requirements. Small SAFE Steps is a cost effective online safety membership program developed specifically for early childhood services in Australia.  The 40-step program is completed by the Centre as a group and has been designed to provide you with all you need to meet your obligations under the WHS Act 2011 and Standard 2.3 of the National Quality Standard.  There is no timeframe to complete the SMALL SAFE STEPS program but most childcare services participating generally complete the program over 12 months. 

The first 10 steps contained in Level 1 provide you with all the information and resources you need to help you embed a safety culture at your service including:

- Safety Commitment Statement

- Safety Policy

- Safety Action Plan

- Safety Breaches

- Safety Committee

- Safety Noticeboard

- Safety Performance Targets

- Risk Assessments.

A certificate will be issued on completion of Level One.

The topics covered in Level 2 include: 

- Safety Inspection Checklists

- Correcting Hazards

- Hazard Reporting

- Accident Reports

- Investigating Accidents

- Conflict Resolution Process

- Safety Noticeboard

- WHS Training for Staff

- Ergonomic Review

On completion of Level Two you will earn a Level Two certificate.

Level 3 topics include:

- Safety Purchasing Controls

- Evacuation Procedures

- Lockdown Procedures

- Emergency Drills

- Fire Management

- Security Measures

- Child Protection Training requirements

- First Aid/CPR Training requirements

- Infection Control

The submission of a self-assessment level 3 application will then earn you a Level 3 Certificate.

Level 4 topics include:

- Corporate Risk Register

- Contractor Management

- Construction Projects

- Manual Handling

- Slips & Trips

- Water Safety

- Hazardous Chemicals

- Health & Wellness.

A level 4 certificate is then available after the completion of a Level 4 certificate application. 



This training program is designed specifically for staff working at a childcare, early learning centre, daycare centre, kindergarten or pre-school. It can be used as part of INDUCTION TRAINING for new staff or as an ANNUAL REFRESHER for current staff to help keep safety top of mind.

The course covers all safety requirements including:

- General evacuation procedures

- General lockdown procedures

- WHS safety obligations

- Slips, Trips and Falls

- Correct carrying techniques.

The information also includes a Safety Declaration Form to ensure that employees fully understand their safety obligations.

Participants are awarded a certificate on successful completion of a simple quiz. Certificates are awarded to the name(s) listed on the initial Order Form.


Note: GROUP DISCOUNT is available for staff groups more than 10.



Various state and territory Fire Codes require that every employee or small business owner completes first response fire training shortly every 12 months. Our online first response course will help you meet your regulatory requirements and provide proof that you understand the steps to take in a fire emergency to protect yourself, staff and customers. In addition, the skills and knowledge that you gain from this training course can be used to ensure you and your family’s safety at home too. In the sections of this training course, we will cover –

- Evacuating a building in an emergency
- The Emergency assembly area
- Alarm systems and how to raise the alarm
- The type, location and operation of firefighting equipment
- Equipment maintenance and fire prevention

You can review each topic as many times as you like and at the end of each section there is a short series of questions to ensure you have understood the important points. This course is provided by registered training organisation - Life Training International Pty Ltd who will contact you with instructions on how to access the course. Approximate time to complete the course is 30 to 40 minutes and a certificate is available on completion to download.

Note: GROUP DISCOUNT is available for organisations with 10 staff or more - contact us for details.