A series of four electronic books are now available world-wide written by the creator of the Small Green Steps program. These books can be downloaded to an I-Pad, smart phone or laptop to allow you to learn more about sustainability in your time and at your own pace. The e-books include great environmental tips and activities that you can introduce with children.



  1. Sustainability for Educators

Covers the causes and impacts of climate change as well as the other major environmental issues impacting the planet. It also covers the many great initiatives around the world that are helping to create a sustainable future.


  1. Supporting Children in Sustainability

This book will give you many ideas and activities to share with children to help them get an early understanding of sustainability to grow into environmentally responsible adults.


  1. Plastic Pollution

This book will give you an understanding of the global issue of plastic pollution and will give you some tools to reduce your impact that you can then share with children in your care.


  1. Energy Efficiency for Educators

The final book in the series will give you lots of tips to become more energy efficient that will help you save money and save the planet. The book also includes advice on how to conserve water and reduce your use of transport fuel.