We are the owners and developers of the Small GREEN Steps program, a cost effective online sustainability membership program developed specifically for early childhood services in Australia.  The 40-step program is completed by the Centre as a group and has been designed to provide you with all you need to embed sustainable practices across your service and meet the National Quality Framework environmental objectives. There is no timeframe to complete the SMALL GREEN STEPS program but most childcare services participating generally complete the program over 12 months. Membership of the program includes:


- All the information to earn FOUR certificates for your Centre

- Online access for all educators and staff at your Centre

- Provision of an Environment Policy and Sustainability Action Plan

- Instructions to set up a Sustainability Committee

- Energy efficiency tips that could save you at least 10% on your energy bills

- Examples of green activities for children

- A Sustainability Inspection checklist and other useful templates

- Ongoing email and telephone support 

- Regular E-Newsletters containing updates on environmental issues

- Authority to use the Small Green Steps membership logo on all correspondence 

- Access to environmentally responsible cleaning and laundry supplies. 


You can visit the Small GREEN Steps website here.